Aluminum Composite Panel

It can be widely used Curtain wall, Internal and external wall, Ceiling, Eaves, Balcony, Gallery, Exhibitions, Partitions, Advertise fascia, Showing and display platform.

Dimensions122 × 244 × 0.2 cm
Flexural Rigidity




Tensile Strength




Fire Propagation

Class B1

Pencil Hardness


Details about Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panel has peel strength, good weather-resistance and ultraviolet resistance, sound insulation. Aluminum plastic composite panel is a kind of compound material processed with aluminum & plastic panel producing equipment. It takes chemical-disposed doped aluminum panel chemical disposal as the facial material, and polythene plastic as the core material.

Our aluminum & plastic panel are featured with even coat thickness, color and luster, lacquer & membrane adhesion, chemical causticity resisitance, and abrasion resistance. Its core material adopts plastic of light building. We use heat compounding technique to make sure core material and becomes hard to be burned. The included aluminum & plastic compound panel are easy to be maintained, cleaned, constructed and processed.

Technical Data:

ACP technical data

Production Line:


acp factory

acp manufacturer


Product structure:


heda bond


Export Package:







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